Youtube Stats Through 2009

Now that 2009 has come to an end I thought it fitting to thank each and every one of you for interacting and supporting my community. Although the videos started in mid-2008 I just wanted to pass along the statistics for my youtube channel through the end of 2009. Youtube Overview From launch through 2009 [...]

Youtube In 1080p Is Stupid

Stupid may be a harsh term for this feature. However, does youtube in 1080p actually make sense? For small scale technology reviewers, like myself, an increase to 1080p files means more storage, more time, and more bandwidth. Consider this: my 720p videos, depending on length, take up between 200 and 350MB of space. Granted, I’m [...]

Content Transition Question

Over the past year or two my audience has greatly improved. I’ve worked on multiple sites/blogs in the past but never stuck with them due to time constraints, lack of interest, and lack of viewers. Youtube gave me my first big opportunity because it placed my content in a system with plenty of users who [...]

Tour of michael sherlock dot com

The site has a new look. Well, it’s been like his for a few weeks but I would just like to highlight the great features here at michael sherlock dot com.

Where have I been?

Since my last post about the MacBook Air I haven’t touched this site much besides answering a few comments. That’s not to say I have not been busy. Quickly, I have been working on my youtube channel and I have become a writer on the jon4lakers tech blog; both of which I suggest you check [...]