Camerabag 2.0 Walkthrough

Camerabag is an excellent applications that allows you to quickly and easily manipulate your photos. This desktop application runs on both Mac OS X and Windows alike so everyone can enjoy this breakthrough software. Camerabag comes preloaded with a myriad of filters to choose from. From ‘Hipster’ to ‘Italiano’, ‘Magazine’ to ‘Wedding’ you are bound [...]

Apple Media Player Update

Over the last few weeks apple has totally relaunched their media player market. No, I’m not talking about their portable media players, I’m talking about their desktop media players: Quicktime and iTunes. iTunes On 9/9/09 at apple’s ‘It’s only rock and roll’ media event, iTunes 9 was launched with a slew of new features. Among [...]

New Features in Microsoft Word 2010

Microsoft is set to launch Word 2010 this year and with this new version comes some much needed updates. Microsoft added a lot in this version to streamline your process allowing you to use Word for all aspects of your document from graphics, to image editing, and of course, words. The walkthrough above gives you [...]