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Need For Speed Shift

Need for speed shift is an upcoming racing game by EA that focus more on realistic racing and drifting simulation compared to arcade style racing of previous need for speed games. This game focuses more on the driving experience and is claimed to be “a racing game built by racers for racers.” The trailer bellow [...]

Halo 3: Recon

Remember when I talked about the Bungie “keep it clean” trailer a few weeks ago? Well, one thing I said was …this may be set in the halo 3 world but you probably will be playing as someone other than the master chief Well, I’m happy to say my prediction was correct; Halo 3: Recon [...]

Bungie “Keep it Clean” Teaser Trailer

The above video clip above from Bungie hints at future products coming from the developer famous for the halo franchise. And from the looks of things, the fight is not finished. Obviously, this game will be an xbox 360 exclusive and I’m sure the online play will be great similar to halo 3′s addicting action. [...]


Honestly, I was not very excited about Spore. The creature creator was interesting but I never saw myself really enjoying it. When I read about the actual game I wrote it off, and again, thought it was one of those games I was never going to enjoy. I have to say now, I think I [...]