Apple Media Player Update

Over the last few weeks apple has totally relaunched their media player market. No, I’m not talking about their portable media players, I’m talking about their desktop media players: Quicktime and iTunes. iTunes On 9/9/09 at apple’s ‘It’s only rock and roll’ media event, iTunes 9 was launched with a slew of new features. Among [...]

PlaySation 3 Slim Announced

After much speculation over the last few months, Sony, a company that continues to allow leaks of upcoming product refreshes, has confirmed, at today’s GamesCom, that a slim PS3 will hit the market. Poised for an early September launch, the PS3 slim cuts the fat and the price as it will retail for $299.99, 299 [...]

Nintendo announces DSi

Today, October second 2008, Nintendo has announced a new DS model called the DSi. This new device will ship early 2009 for most of the world while Japan will be seeing this new model November 1st. (It makes sense Japan would have an earlier launch date but to have the rest of the world wait [...]

iPhone 2.1 Software Update

Apple today, Friday September 12th, 2008, made available their new software update for the iphone and iphone 3g. According to apple, the update fixes many issues users have been experiencing including… Decrease in call set-up failures and dropped calls. Significantly better battery life for most users. Dramatically reduced time to backup to iTunes. Improved email [...]

Where have I been?

Since my last post about the MacBook Air I haven’t touched this site much besides answering a few comments. That’s not to say I have not been busy. Quickly, I have been working on my youtube channel and I have become a writer on the jon4lakers tech blog; both of which I suggest you check [...]