Desktop Buying Guide

Are you in the market for a new desktop computer but aren’t sure what to look for or what the different specifications mean? Then look no further then this breakdown. To help those of you on a budget, which everyone is, each component is weighted by importance. Basically, you need most of these components for [...]

Early Termination Fees

I’m sure you are familiar with early termination fees, or ETF’s. The fee major telecoms, and other companies for that matter, charge when you decide to leave or terminate your contract. If not, these charges of $175-$350 or more are designed to deter you from leaving your contract. Usually, you are receiving a better deal [...]

Why Apple Computer’s are Worth the Price

A big topic around the web regarding macintosh computers is why pay more? I have been told so many times “I can buy or build my own machine for less then a mac” and sometimes that is true. In other instances, the hardware cost is the same as a PC from another vendor. But why [...]

Nokia N96 NAM Review

The Nokia N96 NAM, the older brother of the N95, is a more polished version of it’s predecessor. Although most components are the same, the N96 has a new look that makes it more stylish and in some cases more functional. But is this model worth the price, we shall see soon enough. The N96, [...]

Nokia N95 8GB NAM Review

The Nokia n95-8gb NAM (North American Edition) combines an interesting mix of multimedia features while keeping an interesting design. Out of all the phones on the market there are positive and negative aspects and this phone is no different. Hopefully, after reading this unbiased review, you can see past the marketing and get a grasp [...]