Xbox 360 Elite Now $299

Alright, so this isn’t exactly official but according to several sources, the Xbox 360 line-up is getting a make over. The arcade is expected to remain at the same price, with it’s recently updated 512MB of built in memory, but the pro is expected to be phased out of the line-up. The black 360 elite [...]

PlaySation 3 Slim Announced

After much speculation over the last few months, Sony, a company that continues to allow leaks of upcoming product refreshes, has confirmed, at today’s GamesCom, that a slim PS3 will hit the market. Poised for an early September launch, the PS3 slim cuts the fat and the price as it will retail for $299.99, 299 [...]

Xbox 360 Pricecut: Offical

Starting on September 5th, 2008 Microsoft will officially start selling their xbox 360 consoles at a $50 price decrease. The prices are as follows: Xbox 360 Arcade $199 Xbox 360 Pro (60gb HD) $299 Xbox 360 Elite (120gb HD, Black) $399 What does this really mean? Well, the console with the largest gaming selection and [...]

Gaming Updates 5/28/2008

Joystiq for there hands on far cry 2 Kotaku also got a taste of far cry 2 and has some really nice pictures online. BioShock coming to PS3 confirmed BioShock won many awards last year when it was on the xbox 360 and now it is confirmed that bioshock will make it’s way onto the [...]