Macadelic Review

Mac Miller’s Macadelic tour kicked off recently. I was fortunate he came to Clemson on one of the first nights and quickly bought a ticket. For a Wednesday night it was pretty exciting, although my Econ test at nine the next morning wasn’t fun. But should you attend? Let’s find out. Let’s preface this argument [...]

Google Music

Google Music launched a couple of months ago as a beta product. At launch this service was essentially a digital locker allowing you to upload music tracks to the cloud. Google essentially offered a free alternative to the recently launched iTunes match service, although match users are able to store 5,000 more songs in the [...]

This Is It By Michael Jackson

On October 12th, 2009 the never before released single “This is it” was posted on Originally recorded in 1980, this track was supposed to accompany the king of pop during his This is it tour before he tragically passed away. It will be released exclusively on the “This is it” soundtrack when it comes [...]

Format war just starting?

I have already talked about waiting to buy blu-ray players and movies but I also feel that physical media overall is coming to an end. Right now, the internet is the most efficient way to enjoy media. You don’t have to drive to a brick and mortar store, hope they have what you want, buy [...]