Halo Reach: Once More Unto The Breach

I’m a huge Halo fan. From combat evolved to even halo wars, I’ve loved the halo franchise. I’ve become really engaged in the story and have been looking forward to the next incarnation of Halo for combat on a larger scale. Reach aims to do that. With rebuilt technical systems, improved fidelity models, an increased [...]

Windows 7 for $30

No, this isn’t a ploy to convince you snow leopard is better than windows 7 or to say windows 7 isn’t worth the upgrade price and just to buy the $29 snow leopard. Microsoft is actually offering Windows 7 for $30, to those that qualify. Directly from the website: “For a limited time, eligible college [...]

New Features in Microsoft Word 2010

Microsoft is set to launch Word 2010 this year and with this new version comes some much needed updates. Microsoft added a lot in this version to streamline your process allowing you to use Word for all aspects of your document from graphics, to image editing, and of course, words. The walkthrough above gives you [...]

I’m a PC

I have already talked about the mojave experiment and the Seinfeld Gates ads but now Microsoft is changing their strategy. Again. As it turns out those Seinfeld Gates ads were just the teaser ads for a multiphase advertising campaign Microsoft has launched to fix their tarnished perception. These new “I’m a PC” ads featuring the [...]

Shoe Circus Commercial -update-

I have already talked about the mojave experiment but the above video is a new ad campaign by Microsoft featuring Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates. (Apparently, this is just the first in a set of several Seinfeld Gates ads.) It seems to me like Microsoft decided that they really needed a strong ad campaign to [...]