Nintendo announces DSi

Today, October second 2008, Nintendo has announced a new DS model called the DSi. This new device will ship early 2009 for most of the world while Japan will be seeing this new model November 1st. (It makes sense Japan would have an earlier launch date but to have the rest of the world wait [...]

Apple to compete with the DS?

During the WWDC keynote apple introduced the app store. They specifically demoed several games including a racing game based on tilt of the iPhone. (Also in the mix were an amazing monkey ball game based on tilt and a physics game). There will be many more games in the app store after it launches. Since [...]

How Does Guitar Hero On Tour Work?

The video included bellow shows how to use guitar hero on tour. It goes on to show the features of the game and some really cool multiplayer options.

Guitar Hero: On Tour (DS)

Activision has confirmed that the DS version of the guitar hero will be called Guitar Hero: On Tour. The game will feature a one-player career mode, co-op play over wireless, and a two-player battle mode called Guitar Duel. The game will ship with a Guitar Grip accessory for the DS that will have only four [...]