Super Bowl 46

Super Bowl 46 is a extremely interesting rematch of Super Bowl 42 between the New York Giants and the New England Patriots. Although both teams are very different than they were four years ago, the cornerstones of each team remain intact. For the Patriots, Tom Brady continues to play at an Elite level while his [...]

Super Bowl XLV

I’m a huge sports fan. Football to Baseball, Basketball to Lacrosse, I love competition. Today, February 6th, 2011 Super Bowl 45 is set to be played between the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Both teams are strong and well matched defensively, so I expect this game will come down to offense execution. In [...]

Super Bowl XLIV Preview

I’m sure you already that today is Super Bowl XLIV (44) and I’m also confident most of you know that I’m a huge football fan. A solid defensive struggle, a high-powered shootout, or even a complete blowout all give me my fix. It’s not just the games either; I love all the pre-game rituals as [...]

Week 3 NFL Picks

To my sports fans out there: I’m sure you are going to enjoy this series. I wanted to do this for every week of the NFL season but the first two weeks I wasn’t able to. I assure you, however, that from now until the super bowl I will be posting my picks for the [...]

Live Draft Coverage

With the draft approaching later today I have decided to provide live draft coverage for all of my viewers. I tried to live blog the draft last year but I wasn’t happy with the results so when I found a draft widget on the nfl website I jumped on it and have embedded it bellow. [...]