Apple Music To Stream DJ Remixes

I love DJ mixes. Combinations of previously separate tracks with tempo changes, interesting transitions, and bass drops are extremely creative and exciting to listen to. However, these remixes pose a problem. The DJ mixing these tracks may not [probably does not] have the legal rights to use the underlying intellectual property [i.e. the original recordings]. Billboard is reporting that Apple has found a solution.

Apple has partnered with Dubset, a company that “use[s] a proprietary technology called MixBank to analyze a remix or long-form DJ mix file, identify recordings inside the file, and properly pay both record labels and music publishers.” Essentially, Dubset eliminates the licensing problem by automatically detecting which tracks are used in a mix and paying the appropriate entities.

I’m not currently an Apple Music user [Spotify for days], but this partnership along with other Apple Music advantages [Cough cough Taylor Swift Streaming] may change my preference. Stay tuned.

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