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Nokia is doing everything in their power to make the launch of the Lumia 900 exotic. This ‘hero’ device is the make or break smartphone in Nokia’s push back into the US market. Early reviews have been positive, although I’ll reserve my final judgment until after I get a device in hand.

As part of the launch Nokia flew me to New York City to help spread the word. However, most of today’s events have remained a mystery. What is clear is the event is going to be huge. I’ve already received a pair of monster headphones and the expectation is more goodies are to come. There is a VIP party at 5:30 where I expect to meet some of the architects behind the lumia line. I will also be attending an after-party at around ten this evening.

Updates will slowly trickle in on this blog post but check out my twitter feed or the NokiaNYC hashtag for live updates. Nokia has also set up a FB page for the event.


The event was amazing. We began our journey at five as we went to the VIP party at the Renaissance Hotel. Apparently the invite leaked online prior to the event so getting in was hectic to say the least. However our group was on the list. Going upstairs to the lounge I was overwhelmed by just how executive it was. There we guards keeping people without the appropriate credentials out, Hors d’œuvre, free drinks, and the lovely Lumia girls.

As the clock struck seven our group made its way back outside to see the special launch performance. Right before the big unveil we were handed Lumia 900‘s. But not regular Lumia’s, rather Lumia’s signed by Nicki Minaj! (I was fortunate enough to get the only cyan version in the group) And with that the curtains were pulled back and the live performance was underway.

After walking through the crowd Nicki came on stage and performed a few songs including “Starships” and “Super Bass”. She then introduced her DJ and announced everyone in the audience would be apart of a new “Starships” remix music video. The CGI was amazing, taking over countless billboards to create a fully immersive environment.

The rest of the evening was filled with excellent food and drink, new friends, and Lumia goodness. I would like to thank Nokia Connects, Riccardo and David for hosting such an amazing event. Moreover, I just want to say how wonderful it was to meet all of the other bloggers on the trip. I look forward to seeing you all again.

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