Camerabag 2.0 Walkthrough

Camerabag is an excellent applications that allows you to quickly and easily manipulate your photos. This desktop application runs on both Mac OS X and Windows alike so everyone can enjoy this breakthrough software.

Camerabag comes preloaded with a myriad of filters to choose from. From ‘Hipster’ to ‘Italiano’, ‘Magazine’ to ‘Wedding’ you are bound to enjoy the built in styles. What’s even better is the multi-filtering power of Camerabag. Users are able to layer filters creating a nearly limitless array of possibilites. With just a few clicks you can take a simple picture and turn it into a masterpiece.

Although Camerabag is dead simple to use it also has several high-end features as well. Do you need to process a large bundle of pictures? No problem. Simply select an image, make your customizations, and then batch process the entire folder. In addition, have you created the perfect collection of filters and want to use it again? No problem. Simply save it for future use. You can even download custom filters from other users online.

Overall Camerabag is an exceptional application for photo manipulation. For only $19 you can purchase Camerabag 1.5 today with a free upgrade to version 2 (demoed in video) when it is released. Or if you want to try the application before you buy, download the beta build of Camerabag and try out all the features for free. Camerabag is an excellent application saving you time and frustration when editing pictures.

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