Google Music

Google Music launched a couple of months ago as a beta product. At launch this service was essentially a digital locker allowing you to upload music tracks to the cloud. Google essentially offered a free alternative to the recently launched iTunes match service, although match users are able to store 5,000 more songs in the cloud. The service worked pretty well. Then came the update.

Officially launched on November 16th, Google Music has remained much of the same. Users can still upload 20,000 songs for free. Moreover the web interface was refined to make it easier to upload, sort, and share. The biggest improvement is the ability to purchase songs directly from Google for a flat rate of $.99. These 320kbps songs are then made instantly available in your cloud and on your android device. It simply works. Google also announced exclusive tracks from a myriad of artists including the Rolling Stones, Coldplay, and Dave Matthews Band among others.

The most interesting part of Google Music is the social aspect. With just a few clicks you can share a full preview of the song or album you purchased with your friends on Google+ or via email. This makes it easier then ever to recommend music to your friends. Google is entering an already crowded market and only by implementing strong social tools can the service succeed.

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