Let’s Talk iPhone Recap: iPhone 4s Official

After months of rumors and the breakage of Apple’s yearly iPhone refresh cycle, our friends in cupertino have finally taken the wraps off of their new iPhone hardware. The new iPhone 4s is an evolutionary update to the popular iPhone 4 line. The body of the device remains encased in glass but appears to have a modified antenna system similar to the CDMA iPhone 4. Other specs include:

  • Apple A5 Dual Core CPU
  • 8 hours of talk time
  • 14.4mbps HSDPA
  • Improved antenna performance

One of the most interesting feature is the new 8MP camera. Capturing pictures has never been simpler, and with a CMOS backlight sensor, low light performance is improved dramatically. Not only does it capture full HD 1080p video clips but it does so with real-time image stabilization and real-time noise reductions technologies. Essentially, cell phone video have never looked this professional.

iPhone 4S + SiriHowever, the main feature for the iPhone 4s is Siri, the personal assistant. Siri responds to your voice commands in a fluid way, there are no predetermined commands meaning Siri actually ‘understands’ your language. You can ask Siri how the stock market is doing or to find you a local restaurant for dinner. Siri also can read you your messages and send replies in a pinch. This service also connects to Wikipedia and Wolfram Alpha so any question you need solved, Siri can solve it.

The iPhone 4s will ship on October 14th, with pre-orders starting October 7th. The iPhone 4s will launch in white and black at $199 for the 16gb model, $299 for the 32gb model, and $399 for the 64gb model. The iPhone 4s will launch on AT&T, Verizon Wireless, and Sprint in the USA. There will also be an 8gb iPhone 4 on sale for $99 and an 8gb iPhone 3gs for free on contract.

iOS 5 will also ship preinstalled on the iPhone 4s. iOS 5, highlighted by a much improved notifications system and deep twitter integration, was announced this summer. The new software also includes the news-stand magazine subscription center, iMessage, and tabbed web browsing. iOS 5 will launch on current hardware October 12th.

Apple also slightly refreshed their iPod line. The new iPod Nano includes some UI tweaks to make navigation easier while the new iPod Touch ships in white. The Nano will sell for $129 for the 8gb model and $149 for the 16gb model. The iPod Touch will ship in black and white for $199 for 8gb model, $299 for the 32gb model, and $399 for the 64gb model.

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