Hotel Tour: Green Valley Ranch

Nokia WomWorld flew me to Las Vegas for Nokia Unfenced. Essentially a bunch of social media heads went to Vegas to party and talk tech. The experience was truly unforgettable and I am going to miss all the new people I’ve meet.

Anyway, Nokia put me up in the lovely Green Valley Ranch resort and casino (GVR hereafter). Put simply, this place is amazing. When I first pulled up I was in awe from the beautiful palm trees and rock landscaping. The service at the GVR has been simply wonderful and the architecture throughout is very well done. The pool is a gorgeous multileveled experience and there is even a sand entrance to one pool for the younger crowd to enjoy.

The great experience continued when I reached my room. Partially because I was being put up for free and partially because I didn’t have to share a room I was expecting a small yet comfortable living space. I was happily surprised. Room 8702 was more than I could ever ask for. It’s large, it’s appealing and it’s well stocked! I highly recommend staying at the GVR next time you’re in Vegas and want to stay off the strip.

One Comment

Brother, that was a great tour. Very nice room; It does look like a palace. Enjoy and stay safe.