Apple Banning Screen Shields

In what has become a unusual pattern of unorthodox moves on Apple’s part, rumors speculate that apple will ban screen protectors from both their online and brick and mortar retail locations. In fact, multiple venders have reported to macworld that apple is putting an embargo on all products that adhere to Apple devices, not just screen protecters.

There is no solid reason why Apple should stop selling screen shields. Some speculate that Apple wants to make the consumer believe Apple screens are more durable than regular products and don’t need the extra protection. Other’s believe that Apple no longer wants to deal with returns of products because of faulty installation of adhesive accessories. While others feel Apple is just flexing their muscles and arbitrarily blocking the sale of a certain product because they have the power to.

This policy change is clearly designed to increase the customers proclivity to the iPad. If the consumer believes the new tablet has an extremely strong screen and doesn’t need accessories, the appeal of the iPad is surely to increase. Although pre-orders are estimated in the hundreds of thousands, Apple is clearly aiming for an iPad in every home and must feel this small move can help them.

One thing is clear, this move is sure to hurt Apple accessory manufacturers. The companies that sell screen shields singularly will loose all the sales they get from Apple retail stores, which I’m sure is a significant amount of revenue. Moreover, bundles that include screen shields will have to be repackaged to remain in Apple stores, eliciting a mad rush of newly packaged accessories.

There are many small companies out their that need the exposure of the Apple store, many small business owners that need their shields and cases to sell, and many customers that want to purchase high quality protection products. I’m not suggesting that Apple is purposely trying to destroy these desires, but clearly Apple’s closed ecosystem is going to hurt these desires.

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